Update LOKA – – AI and HotFix

Update LOKA – – AI and HotFix

Tammy Lambert February 13, 2020

What’s new? 

  • Improved behavior of the bots, now robots can identify dangerous path for them and every time they go on a new trajectory. If earlier it was possible to find a shelter to start killing a lot of bots, now if you kill one robot, bot will report allies on your location. 
  • Now, during the battle by default you have 4 characters, each character has its own unique ability that is activated by pressing the “X” key. 
  • Button “F3” turn on third person. Fixed over 30 bugs leading to the crash of the game. 

Known issues: 

  1. When aiming a weapon can block the camera [in the process of correction
  2. Work is underway on the PVE mode