Update 0.2.1 - Added Duel game mode and weapon recoil

12/8/2017 11:38:45 AM
  1. Added Weapon (Alpha test) 
  2. Overhaul of the animation in the first person 
  3. Added game mode "Duel" only works with real players (Alpha test) 
  4. Fixed a chat in the lobby (Alpha test) - Added the ability to see the players in the network. 
  5. Added the ability to invite any player in the "Duel". 
  6. Added accumulation of crypto-dollars every second, depending on the rank of the current faction. 
  7. Added recoil when firing (depending on the player's position). 
  8. Added a shield regeneration of the character if within 5 seconds was received damage 
  9. Added context menu and chatting TOP PLAYERS 
  10. Improved the effect of its display through objects as well as on the cartridge box 
  11. Added squads system 
  12. New balanced characteristics of weapons