Update - Optimization and new Duel map

12/8/2017 11:38:45 AM

What's new? 

  1. Gameplay: Increased range radar from 50 to 100 meters, an overview of the 200 meters. 
  2. Gameplay: Added special game mode for duels. 
  3. Gameplay: Fixed camera behavior in the lobby when switching modes. Gameplay: Improved behavior of the camera when the death. Gameplay: The game has pickups rapid health, armor and weapons. 
  4. Characters: A new character Wasp Girl. 
  5. Characters: Fixed names. 
  6. Map: A new map for the duel of 50 to 150 meters [WIP]. 
  7. Map: Improved lighting. 
  8. Map: Improved optimization. 
  9. Weapons: Improved aiming with different scopes. 
  10. Weapons: Added displaying the number of rounds at some of the sights. 
  11. Weapon: Fixed weapon kickback when firing, and now there is no delay. 
  12. Settings: Ping and FPS Displays can now be turned off. 
  13. Settings: Added alternative key bindings for the keys. 
  14. Options: Added the ability to delete the key bindings for the keys. 
  15. Matchmaking: Added the ability to get into the game that is already underway. 
  16. Lobby: Improved interface. 
  17. Lobby: The new lobby card. 
  18. Fixes: Improvements to the client and server stability. 
  19. Optimization: The size of the game was reduced from 22 to 8 gigabytes. 
  20. Optimization: In 2 minutes of the game was reduced loading. 
  21. Interface: Added cinematic animation during the game at the death. 
  22. Interface: Added option to completely disable the keys on the interface during the battle for the key (the key is set in the settings, use the options: when recording motion pictures). 
  23. Interface: An alternative indicator of the standard of living and armor on his left hand while holding the key (the key is set in the settings, use the options: when recording motion pictures)

Planned new game modes, the design of the main characters of the base: medic, engineer, tank. New maps.