Лента новостей

Update LOKA - - AI and HotFix

What's new? Improved behavior of the bots, now robots can identify dangerous path for them and every time they go on a new trajectory. If earlier it was possible to find a shelter to start killing a lot of bots, now if you kill one robot, bot will report allies on your location. Now, during the battle by default you have 4 characters, each character has its own unique ability that is activated by pressing the “X” key. Button "F3" turn on third person. Fixed over 30 bugs leading to the crash of the game.

Update - New AI System

What's new? In test mode, launched a new system of artificial intelligence based on neural networks. This update touched a lot of parts game in consequence of which many modules may not work correctly but gradually will be returned. Added mode the third person. Full list of all the changes will be published together with the next update during next week. During the first week already planned many fix.

Update - Optimization and new Duel map

What's new? Gameplay: Increased range radar from 50 to 100 meters, an overview of the 200 meters. Gameplay: Added special game mode for duels. Gameplay: Fixed camera behavior in the lobby when switching modes. Gameplay: Improved behavior of the camera when the death. Gameplay: The game has pickups rapid health, armor and weapons. Characters: A new character Wasp Girl. Characters: Fixed names.