Starting your journey as a simple mercenary, you will build your empire. A unique gaming platform, with unique mechanics of the virtual world of the future. Already today. Build your world, get resources in your own territories. channel

Based on the predictions of famous futuristic scientists, we created a gaming platform that already uses game mechanics of different genres, giving players the freedom to choose between consumption and content creation.

Since the work on creating such a platform will go on continuously for decades, we have divided all our work into sections and chapters.

Parallel Worlds

Now, being at the development stage of version 0.6 of the LOKA platform, we decided to announce the readiness of early access to the first section: “Parallel Worlds”, chapter 1 “Battle of the Eras”.

Parallel worlds are an elegant island system available for development by the first settlers. And now, an in-game system is available to players, which allows those who do not want to fight, to create locations for others where battles will be fought. The combination of all this, in turn, forms the first profession of the future: “Designer of virtual worlds”. And for those wishing to develop military superiority, studying possible combinations of tactical maneuvers, a rank system will be available that in the near future can serve as a criterion for evaluating your tactical and military skills.

The battle of eras embodies the fact that the game is not tied to any time frames, since in the virtual world, actions can take place in any era. Between them you can travel, as well as push each other, checking the strengths of each.

To make it easier for you to familiarize yourself with the first functionality, the beginning of immersion in the world of LOKA is built in a linear game form, where you will have to go through several simple steps and, having studied the basic tools step by step, you will open the complete ready-made LOKA functionality.

You will start the game on board a small spaceship, from where flights to the battlefields will be available to you. And since initially you are a simple mercenary, your task will be simply to kill, receiving currency for the dead. As soon as the necessary amount of money has accumulated on your balance sheet, you will be able to buy your first own territory: “Sky-high Territory”, on which you will begin building your own base.

For those who are ready to support us in the development of the platform, we have prepared limited sets of Founder packages. Everyone who has time to acquire them, besides the items included in the set, will go down in the history of the new world as the Founder. It will be marked with a distinctive logo. Founders will always be the first to be able to try out the latest updates.

Comprehensive Virtual Reality

According to the forecasts of the most serious futurologists, in just 10 to 30 years, the virtual area of ​​an average city will be placed in a shoe box or distributed across millions of computers.

You can have a room of 3 sq.m. in the ghetto, but live in a castle by the sea.

Because virtual reality is much cheaper than reality. You can be bedridden, but be a running champion. Because your consciousness is not limited by physical capabilities. You can be ugly and weak in life, but at the same time beautiful and strong in digital form, because the body is just a shell of the mind. With all this, it does not matter where you are located geographically, because it will be possible to live in one place, and study, work, socialize or be treated on different continents.
By and large, THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE IS A WORLD WITHOUT GEOGRAPHY, a cross-border and supranational, world of countless communities. The creation of new worlds and emigration to them is one of the directions of human evolution, evolution oriented inwardly. Being in virtual worlds, we can be anywhere and anyone, unlimitedly changing the properties of our body along with the surrounding world.
The familiar VR technologies are just the first step towards the fusion of the human mind with the virtual world. And the sooner we begin to create the desired future for everyone, the sooner it will become real.

Very soon, robotic systems will be able to fully provide all the vital human needs: food, shelter, clothing. But these systems will not be able to fill the emotional need of the individual, which will become the basis for future professions of the new generation. The product of the future is content. The more significant you produce it for other people, the more emotions you can get by consuming a new one. This is an unidentified world where people buy and sell emotions.

Tactics, Fight, Ranks

Each combat character in the game carries a unique superpower. The effectiveness of abilities can be strengthened many times if you start combining them with friends.


Keeper – the ability to become invisible.
Tank – creates a shield in front of itself and can cover it from enemy shells with itself and up to two allies.
The tank covering the engineer brings him to the center of the map where the engineer sets the turret, and then the tank continues to keep the shelter and leaves the engineer to the nearest shelter. And during this time, the turret kills up to a dozen enemies.

The keeper
The perfect attack aircraft with the ability to be invisible

Sniper rifle and the ability to fly, all that is needed to become the best sniper

The tank is slow, but its shield is able to create perfect protection for the allies

Turret Installation
Set the turret on a hill and go into cover, now she will take up all the dirty work