LOKA – how it all began

LOKA – how it all began

LOKA is an MMO first-person shooter that took place in an era of rapid technological development. You will resist the strength of other players, as well as quickly-trained bots. Develop your skills, combine character abilities, play with friends and capture or defend Allisium!

LOKA (League of Guardians of Allisium), a shooter on which our small team has been working since the end of summer 2014. Our team has only two programmers (me and Sergey), and we also have Alexander, who is responsible for coordinating the work and managing the project as a whole. We met in WoW and became friends, we noticed that we have similar interests and after some time decide to create the game of our dream, LOKA. We have less time for WoW and focused on developing, so we decided to use boosting services in WoW, it`s a perfect choice when you haven`t time for important things in game, also we decided that we will be ok with things like this in our game. During this time, we have passed many tests and gained gigantic experience in game development, given that this is our first project. We chose Unreal Engine 4 as the engine for the game, it just came out, and we decided to try it (by the way, the engine is developing rapidly in all directions. Both in graphics, optimization and in ready-made functionality for developers).

During development, we met with wonderful tools from Microsoft, these are ASP .NET and Entity Framework; it is a pity that this happened late =)

After all, we started with a self-made game server and a master server in C ++ and RakNet, using Boost C ++ Libraries in some places, but before the first launch of the game to the masses, we started to leak and damage memory. The problem was aggravated by the fact that we developed under Windows, and we were going to host the application under Linux. Bugs were floating, the debugger was silent or crashed. We despaired, but gaining strength and for a couple of months rewrote the entire server part using POCO. But the result was not so rosy .. as it turned out, POCO provides raw TCP / UDP sockets. That is, ensuring data integrity lies with the developers themselves. Time was running out, there was no more money (we had been trying to start the game for about a year), something needs to be decided!

The game is in development and this is not the end!